Hi I’m Sophie Mei Lan and I blog and vlog about my weird and wonderful life as a Mum-of-two, a Multi-Award-Winning-Journalist,  a Presenter, a Bellydancer, an Actress, a Film-maker, an amateur Footballer and, the Wife of a MasterChef.

I will also be focusing on current affairs issues close to my heart, such as Mental Health, Eating Disorders and Breastfeeding.

Please read and watch as I juggle lots of hobbies and activities in an attempt to be a good active Mum, an Entrepreneur, a House-wife/ Stay-at-home-mum (or Work-At-Home-Mum aka WAHM!), a Dancer, a Vegetarian and whatever else that takes my fancy.

Please tweet me @MamaMeiBlog or email: sophie_mei@hotmail.co.uk