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An Officer and a Gentleman at Leeds Grand Theatre: Review

The Review by Panni Loh (Mama Mei's Mama!)  From the outset there was an excited buzz in the air as audience assembled to experience the iconic An Officer and a Gentleman made famous by Richard Gere. Audio visuals of anything from Reagan to McDonalds fries fast...

Hello Anxiety – you’re back with a vengeance

"I'm so anxious" is bounded around as a colloquial phrase for what some people actually mean is: "Work' is a bit stressful" or "something is worrying me." It's not a competition, far from it, but I do struggle with the dilution and over-use of mental illness terms for...

Theatre and mental health: My escape from drama

On stage I can be whoever I want to be, that's why I have always loved acting. It is an escape from real-life where you get to express your deepest emotions but with the safety net of embodying another person. But my days of youth theatre weren't just an escape for me...

About me

Mama Mei (aka Sophie Mei Lan) is a multi-award-winning blogger and vlogger specialising in gentle-ish parenting and mental health. 

Mum-of-two Sophie can be found running with her buggy throughout Yorkshire or breastfeeding, drinking coffee and eating Vegan food. 

She is a qualified journalist and film-maker, having worked for local and national press as well as being dubbed “Britain’s best Bellydancer!”. 

Sophie has now turned her talents to blogging, vlogging, column writing, speaking,  and running Blog Up North Magazine and Influencer Network.

She chats mainly about parenting, health & fitness, lifestyle, food and business.  As well as doing lots of reviews of places to go, things to do and where to travel with the family. And she loves competitions! 


Hippychick’s Hipseat: Review and Giveaway!  

You'd think that my 15 years spent as a Bellydancer would have prepared me for having kids. But whilst my core is still strong, I do however struggle carrying the kids with the strain it puts on my back and posture. And no professional dancer wants a bad...

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Father’s Day: What gifts do Dads really want?

I have a whopping 7 Dads to cater for this Father's Day - and all year round - so I have got to grips with gift ideas and I hope to help (me and) you to think of ideas that don't involve socks and ties! Phew! Something for every Dad... #Sp We want to shine a spotlight...

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Mad Mum: How I try to keep myself safe

I haven’t written candidly about my mental health for a little while as my head feels too chaotic to be able to write about it. Before that I had also been feeling fairly content and on my “road to recovery.” But then it has shocked me. Shortly after filming that...

Post-Natal Care: After Care not After Thought

There's so much focus on your pregnancy - the scans, blood tests, ante-natal classes and there's all the information on having a healthy pregnancy and planning for the birth. Then there's the "what to pack in your hospital bag" pressure... So you've got your phone...


The Gruffalo: Win a family ticket to the theatre

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood... and has ended up in Leeds at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (well, they do have a good family area there).  Celebrate the start of the Summer Holidays in theatrical style! Join Mouse (played by Whitby, North Yorkshire...

How to make Ginger Cookies: Recipe & Food Hamper giveaway

Create your own cookies and turn up the heat with your own level of gingerness! Plus you can win a food and drink hamper from Opies (just scroll to the bottom of this post). Ingredients: 350g self raising flour Pinch of salt 200g golden caster sugar 1 tbsp ground...

Win a food & cocktail hamper perfect for Summer

Gherkins to put on your burgers, sliced lemons for your cocktails and black cherries with kirsch for your dessert... We've been loving this hamper which also contains super tasty and spicy chilli sauce - if it's good enough for Jamie Oliver, it's good enough for us!...

Food and Drink

MasterChef recipe: Frittatas for the whole family 

MasterChef star Chris Hale aka my husband shares his secrets to make quick, healthy and tasty food for the whole family... Mini frittatas: Most of us have fallen off the New Year health-kick bandwagon by now. So, I thought the perfect anecdote would be a delicious...

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Charity Shop Finds: A shopaholic’s secret stash 

If you compliment any of my possessions, I will proudly reply with a cost and place of purchase. This is the new bragging. No longer are we gloating about spending thousands on a tiny handbag with that expensive label embellished on to it. Oh no, that is so last...

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Win tickets to see David Walliams' childrens book on stage

Children's book The First Hippo on the Moon written by one of Britain's most popular writers and comic actors, David Walliams, is taking to the stage this Spring. As a children's author David is one of the most popular writers for children today, selling over 11...

Theatre Review: Romeo and Juliet is a lesson for us all

You might not associate Shakespeare with the present day but your mind is about to be changed with the latest production of Romeo and Juliet. I'll admit that it's the first time I've understood every exchange in the tragedy even after studying A-Level drama. And...

Blowing out the candles on birthday party politics: The rules

Invites: If you want to invite one person  to a birthday party from a group/club/class/clique, you must invite the entire group/club/class, no exceptions, so nobody is left out. Birthday Cake: It should be bigger than the cake at the last party you went to. The...


Babe The Sheep Pig live on stage

Remember Babe The Sheep Pig? Well now you've got the chance to see Babe and his friends live. Adapted from Dick King-Smith’s much-loved children’s novel which inspired the Oscar-winning 1995 film, Babe, The Sheep-Pig will be brought to life on stage in a new...

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