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Getting a Good Sleep – How I get a good night’s sleep

"Give me a mattress over a man any day," were the words I declared as I bounced onto my first Dreams mattress, inside the company’s showroom. I had been invited as part of a Mumsnet Influencers group to ‘make our own mattress, made by mums for mums.’ But until I did...

Stress busters: How to help your mental health and reduce stress

Believe it or not but we've all got mental health. And a whopping two thirds of us have a mental health problem in our lifetimes with stress playing a key role. So here are some tips on dealing with stress, trying to stay sane and busting stress. I think stress is...

Sting musical: The Last Ship review

The proud story of when the last ship sails. A musical based on the closure of a shipyard on Tyneside. After receiving widespread critical acclaim and five-star reviews at its official opening in Newcastle, The Last Ship, featuring the music of Sting and led by an...

Men’s Mental Health: “I lost my friend to suicide”

 I often talk about my own struggle with mental illness and those of people close to me. But I realise an issue that I haven't touched on, is men's mental health... Welcome to a whole new world of stigma.  Yet suicide is the main cause of death in men under 45 in the...

About me

Mama Mei (aka Sophie Mei Lan) is a multi-award-winning Blogger and Vlogger specialising in Attachment Parenting,  Mental Health & Family Fitness. 

Mum-of-two Sophie can be found running with her buggy throughout Yorkshire or breastfeeding, drinking coffee and eating Vegan food. 

She is a qualified Journalist and Film-maker, having worked for local and national press as well as being dubbed “Britain’s best Bellydancer!”

Sophie has now turned her talents to blogging, vlogging, column writing, speaking and, running Blog Up North Magazine and Influencer Network.

She chats mainly about Family, Health, Life, Fitness and Campaigns.  As well as doing Reviews and offering Competitions! 


Should School Sports Days be competitive?

Do kids need competition to thrive? Or are we putting too much pressure on our youngsters? My eldest daughter Jasmine recently had her first sports day so I had been giving her lots of pep talks about how we just can't wait to watch her on her school field having fun...

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The Gruffalo: Win a family ticket to the theatre

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood... and has ended up in Leeds at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (well, they do have a good family area there).  Celebrate the start of the Summer Holidays in theatrical style! Join Mouse (played by Whitby, North Yorkshire...

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Theatre and mental health: My escape from drama

On stage I can be whoever I want to be, that's why I have always loved acting. It is an escape from real-life where you get to express your deepest emotions but with the safety net of embodying another person. But my days of youth theatre weren't just an escape for me...

Eating Disorder Project: Big news and join us for the journey!

I’ve signed a book contract!  But rather than create something under a veil of secrecy and merely tease you with an Amazon pre-order link, I want you to join me and be part of the process. We have 10 months to write a book - a project about eating disorders (ED) and...