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An Officer and a Gentleman at Leeds Grand Theatre: Review

The Review by Panni Loh (Mama Mei's Mama!)  From the outset there was an excited buzz in the air as audience assembled to experience the iconic An Officer and a Gentleman made famous by Richard Gere. Audio visuals of anything from Reagan to McDonalds fries fast...

Hello Anxiety – you’re back with a vengeance

"I'm so anxious" is bounded around as a colloquial phrase for what some people actually mean is: "Work' is a bit stressful" or "something is worrying me." It's not a competition, far from it, but I do struggle with the dilution and over-use of mental illness terms for...

Theatre and mental health: My escape from drama

On stage I can be whoever I want to be, that's why I have always loved acting. It is an escape from real-life where you get to express your deepest emotions but with the safety net of embodying another person. But my days of youth theatre weren't just an escape for me...

Eating Disorder Project: Big news and join us for the journey!

I’ve signed a book contract!  But rather than create something under a veil of secrecy and merely tease you with an Amazon pre-order link, I want you to join me and be part of the process. We have 10 months to write a book - a project about eating disorders (ED) and...

About me

Mama Mei (aka Sophie Mei Lan) is a multi-award-winning blogger and vlogger specialising in gentle-ish parenting and mental health. 

Mum-of-two Sophie can be found running with her buggy throughout Yorkshire or breastfeeding, drinking coffee and eating Vegan food. 

She is a qualified journalist and film-maker, having worked for local and national press as well as being dubbed “Britain’s best Bellydancer!”. 

Sophie has now turned her talents to blogging, vlogging, column writing, speaking,  and running Blog Up North Magazine and Influencer Network.

She chats mainly about parenting, health & fitness, lifestyle, food and business.  As well as doing lots of reviews of places to go, things to do and where to travel with the family. And she loves competitions! 


Post-Natal Care: After Care not After Thought

There's so much focus on your pregnancy - the scans, blood tests, ante-natal classes and there's all the information on having a healthy pregnancy and planning for the birth. Then there's the "what to pack in your hospital bag" pressure... So you've got your phone...

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My mental health made me give up my dream job

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am pretty open about EVERYTHING but I've not really said much about this. The reason I gave up my dream job. You may have read or watched me talking about my career as a journalist... I started out as a bright young bellydancer and...

Creatively crazy: A life lesson I live by

“There was never a genius without a tincture of madness…” If Aristotle said it, then it must be true. It's something I've lived by anyway as it helps me to accept my high times when my creativity is going wild and I have all these life changing ideas as well as the...


Diggerland: Win a family ticket to visit the theme park

My girls are now digger fans! Before visiting Diggerland they'd never really shown an interests in JCBs or any vehicles really. But our trip to Diggerland changed all that! From skillful digger challenges to being spun around in the air by Spin Dizzy, the theme park...

Win an eco-friendly cleaning hamper with Seventh Generation

I never thought I'd be writing about cleaning. I always thought life was too short to spend too much time scrubbing. But now I'm the proud owner of two mess-makers aka kids - I find myself spending at least an hour a day trying to manage the chaos of spilt drinks,...

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Federico Fellini's Oscar-winning film LA STRADA live on stage 

A theatre show for the adults this time... and I'd love to know what film you'd like to see at the theatre?  One of the true masterpieces of modern cinema, Federico Fellini’s 1957 Oscar-winning film, La Strada (The Road), will be brought to life on stage in a...


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