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Honest Mum: We meet Vicki Psarias in Real Life Reads

Honest Mum Vicki Psarias is multi-award winning blogger, vlogger and filmmaker. Her lifestyle and parenting site Honest Mum is one of the biggest blogs, worldwide.   In our Real Life Reads series - we chat to the inspirational influencer...    Where do you live &...

Family car wash time + WIN a car cleaning set

We do not wash our car enough! I use Sunday as my deep clean day where I focus on the house but the car... well it gets left to rot (out of sight out of mind and all that!) Until you ferry around passengers, then you suddenly see what state your kids have left the car...

Why mental illness stops me reading + book review

When I'm in the depths of depression I struggle to be in the moment, I zone out and, day-to-day activities like reading become impossible. It seems such a simple thing but I can't concentrate on any one thing when I'm poorly. At the moment I'm in another dark wave but...

About me

Sophie Mei Lan (aka Mama Mei) is a multi-award-winning blogger and vlogger specialising in mental health and attachment parenting (breastfeeding). 

She ditched her dream job as an international journalist to “stay & work-at-home” with the kids. She has now turned her talents to freelancing, column writing, speaking,  PR and, film-making.

Sophie is also a business magazine editor and bellydancer (teacher and performer). 

She chats mainly about parenting, health & fitness, lifestyle, food and business.  As well as doing lots of reviews of places to go, things to do and where to travel with the family. And she loves competitions! 


Should School Sports Days be competitive?

Do kids need competition to thrive? Or are we putting too much pressure on our youngsters? My eldest daughter Jasmine recently had her first sports day so I had been giving her lots of pep talks about how we just can't wait to watch her on her school field having fun...

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The Gruffalo: Win a family ticket to the theatre

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood... and has ended up in Leeds at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (well, they do have a good family area there).  Celebrate the start of the Summer Holidays in theatrical style! Join Mouse (played by Whitby, North Yorkshire...

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Mumbler: The birth of the hyper-local parenting community

When a mum-of-two started a Facebook group to meet other parents, she never imagined that it would turn into a business. Sally Haslewood was tasked with the stress of moving house when she was pregnant with her second child. In a bid to settle and make friends she...

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Post-Natal Care: After Care not After Thought

There's so much focus on your pregnancy - the scans, blood tests, ante-natal classes and there's all the information on having a healthy pregnancy and planning for the birth. Then there's the "what to pack in your hospital bag" pressure... So you've got your phone...

Young People and Mental Health: A Dad’s View

My Dad Steve Slack works with a number of youngsters with mentally ill health and he has also helped to bring me up (and those of you who read my blogs know I have a plethora of mental health problems). Here are my Dad's thoughts on mental health today: A despairing...


Real Life Reads + WIN tickets: Attachment Parenting UK

"About five years ago I remember thinking that my life was pretty easy and maybe I hadn't lived through enough pain... "A year on... and I'd nursed my eldest daughter through open heart surgery, got divorced, moved house and discovered there was a way back from the...

Diggerland: Win a family ticket to visit the theme park

My girls are now digger fans! Before visiting Diggerland they'd never really shown an interests in JCBs or any vehicles really. But our trip to Diggerland changed all that! From skillful digger challenges to being spun around in the air by Spin Dizzy, the theme park...

Win an eco-friendly cleaning hamper with Seventh Generation

I never thought I'd be writing about cleaning. I always thought life was too short to spend too much time scrubbing. But now I'm the proud owner of two mess-makers aka kids - I find myself spending at least an hour a day trying to manage the chaos of spilt drinks,...

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Charity Shop Finds: A shopaholic’s secret stash 

If you compliment any of my possessions, I will proudly reply with a cost and place of purchase. This is the new bragging. No longer are we gloating about spending thousands on a tiny handbag with that expensive label embellished on to it. Oh no, that is so last...

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