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The Great Outsores: Why so many people get injured during summer

You’ll find me running around the streets of Yorkshire with my daughter in the buggy in a bid to maintain my health and fitness. I try to be proactive with my health and my family's. Always trying to cram in exercise when I can (my husband is also a chef so he batch...

Coping mechanisms of a Dyslexic… Dyslexia can’t stop me

I never thought that as a dyslexic person I would end up writing for a living. Whilst I love expressing myself creatively, the thought of journalism, for a “job” seemed out of reach for someone like me who struggles with word order and has illegible hand-writing. But...

Feed-a-thon: Breastfeeding in public to celebrate

People from where I'm from don't Breastfeed. People like me don't Breastfeed. When I accidentally fell pregnant to a new boyfriend, we were shocked to say the least. We were young, ambitious and into fitness as we had met in my local gym (he was an altitude trainer...

About me

Mama Mei (aka Sophie Mei Lan) is a multi-award-winning blogger and vlogger specialising in gentle-ish parenting and mental health. 

Mum-of-two Sophie can be found running with her buggy throughout Yorkshire or breastfeeding, drinking coffee and eating Vegan food. 

She is a qualified journalist and film-maker, having worked for local and national press as well as being dubbed “Britain’s best Bellydancer!”. 

Sophie has now turned her talents to blogging, vlogging, column writing, speaking,  and running Blog Up North Magazine and Influencer Network.

She chats mainly about parenting, health & fitness, lifestyle, food and business.  As well as doing lots of reviews of places to go, things to do and where to travel with the family. And she loves competitions! 


Street Play: Why playing is SO important

As a child we would ride our bikes, play tag and football across our street. As long as we went in for mealtimes – we could play most of the day, every day. But nowadays, it is increasingly difficult for kids to play out – a mixture of safety issues, excessive screen...

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Family days out this Summer: Theatre time!

I couldn’t wait for my precious imperfect kids to finish school and nursery for the summer holidays – how wonderful that we get six whole weeks together, I thought? But within the first week I was already tearing my hair out. The house is a mess, our plans have gone...

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Theatre and mental health: My escape from drama

On stage I can be whoever I want to be, that's why I have always loved acting. It is an escape from real-life where you get to express your deepest emotions but with the safety net of embodying another person. But my days of youth theatre weren't just an escape for me...

Eating Disorder Project: Big news and join us for the journey!

I’ve signed a book contract!  But rather than create something under a veil of secrecy and merely tease you with an Amazon pre-order link, I want you to join me and be part of the process. We have 10 months to write a book - a project about eating disorders (ED) and...


Win Pass the Pigs Original Game and Party Game for Christmas

You'll be able to Pass the Pigs this Christmas, if you're lucky enough to be one of our winners. You’ll be snorting with laughter if you play with these piggy games.  The original party animals, Pass the Pigs, use hilarious pigs for dice. Will you roll a sider or...

Win a family ticket to a Christmas adventure for 2-6 year olds

When winter comes it’s time for Crumble to hibernate. At least, that’s what Crumble has always been told. With the family hurrying and scurrying to make final preparations before the last leaf falls, a chance encounter sets curious Crumble on the most extraordinary...

Food and Drink

How to make Ginger Cookies: Recipe & Food Hamper giveaway

Create your own cookies and turn up the heat with your own level of gingerness! Plus you can win a food and drink hamper from Opies (just scroll to the bottom of this post). Ingredients: 350g self raising flour Pinch of salt 200g golden caster sugar 1 tbsp ground...

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Simple 4-ingredient recipes for busy people #Sp

We challenged you to come up with your simple 4-Ingredient recipes which are sure to suit a busy lifestyle. And you didn't disappoint, you had our mouths-watering and in need of a Krombacher beer (competition sponsors), of course. Here are some of the fabulous entries...

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#MeToo: Why I have not participated in the movement

I can't count the number of times I have felt an urge to unearth my "secrets" over the past few weeks. I have even begun to write a number of posts about them. Each time I see a #MeToo story (where survivors of sexual harassment and assault share their story), I...

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Honest Mum: We meet Vicki Psarias in Real Life Reads

Honest Mum Vicki Psarias is multi-award winning blogger, vlogger and filmmaker. Her lifestyle and parenting site Honest Mum is one of the biggest blogs, worldwide.   In our Real Life Reads series - we chat to the inspirational influencer...    Where do you live &...

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Sting musical: The Last Ship review

The proud story of when the last ship sails. A musical based on the closure of a shipyard on Tyneside. After receiving widespread critical acclaim and five-star reviews at its official opening in Newcastle, The Last Ship, featuring the music of Sting and led by an...

Phill Jupitus: Getting cosy with the comedian

Sat on the stage drinking a cup of tea and playing records, with his back to the audience- it was like we were entering Phill Jupitus' own lounge as we took our seats in the auditorium of Leeds Grand Theatre. Stand-up comedian, poet, improviser and TV stalwart, Mr...


Jewellery that tells a story by Azendi 

It is said that couples who kiss under the "Heart of Yorkshire" stained glass window at York Minster will stay together forever. Let's face it we could all do with a bit of romance in our lives. I'm married and still searching for that bit of romance!  But rather than...

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Hippychick’s Hipseat: Review and Giveaway!  

You'd think that my 15 years spent as a Bellydancer would have prepared me for having kids. But whilst my core is still strong, I do however struggle carrying the kids with the strain it puts on my back and posture. And no professional dancer wants a bad...

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Travel and things to do

Flying with kids: A family travel guide 

We've just endured 20 hours of travelling with the kids, plus internal flights on top, so here's what we've learned: (It's worth it, promise!) 1. Before booking check the airline and airport for their child policies and offers. Some airport lounges have soft play...

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