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Anti-Bullying Week: How Cyber-Bullying tipped me over the edge

I had endured bullying for most of my teens but what really pushed me over the edge was when the bullies got into my home… not physically but via text and voicemail. The indrusion of a private safe space made the cruel words stab into me that bit deeper. I didn't feel...

Hotter Shoes: Stylish but comfortable shoes for wide feet

When I was a teen I gave up on wearing nice shoes because I have size 7 extra wide feet (my husband lovingly calls them “Shrek feet”). Growing up, I would have to cram my big feet into what I called “granny shoes.” There were no dainty or stylish shoes that would fit...

Family, Health, Life & Reviews…

Mama Mei (aka Sophie Mei Lan) is a multi-award-winning Blogger and Vlogger specialising in Attachment Parenting,  Mental Health & Family Fitness. 

Mum-of-two Sophie can be found running with her buggy throughout Yorkshire or breastfeeding, drinking coffee and eating Vegan food. 

She is a qualified Journalist and Film-maker, having worked for local and national press as well as being dubbed “Britain’s best Bellydancer!”

Sophie has now turned her talents to blogging, vlogging, column writing, speaking and running Blog Up North Magazine and Influencer Network.

She chats mainly about Family, Health, Life, Fitness and Campaigns.  As well as doing Reviews and offering Competitions! 


Win a Young Driver experience + our review

“Do you know what I'm doing tomorrow? I'm driving a car!” My eldest daughter Jasmine, 6, had been counting down to her day at Young Driver (and showing off regularly about it).   There was so much excitement built up for Jasmine's day at Young Driver because she would...

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Hearing Voices: I hear voices and it’s not like the horror movies

It’s believed that up to 10% of the UK population hear voices, sometimes those voices are comforting but often hearing voices can be distracting and controlling. Sadly, I’m not in the 20% who find hearing voices comforting but it’s good to realise that some people do....

Being Discharged from Mental Health Care

If I could've picked a worse time to have a mental health crisis, it would have been during the school summer holidays. If I could've picked a worse time to be discharged it would also be during the summer holidays. But then there's no good time really. There's better...